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What is A Better Way’s Goal?

We believe there is a better way to rebuild and restore the BQE – one that not only encourages smart comprehensive economic development planning for the entire BQE corridor that reduces city traffic and harmful pollution.

Instead of doubling down on Robert Moses’ 20th century neighborhood destroying development playbook and investing $4 billion to strangle the city with more roadways, the City should use the rebuilding of the BQE as an opportunity to plan for the next 100 years of transportation, from tearing down – not expanding – roadways to investing in clean-energy transportation and congestion pricing. 

New York City has always led the world when it comes to developing innovative solutions for the most challenging problems. The overhaul of the BQE is one of those opportunities. We can find a better way.

Isn’t this just a NIMBY issue?

The overhaul of the BQE ceases to be a NIMBY issue when environmental and health concerns enter the fold. The reality is that the BQE spans from LaGuardia to Staten Island. Reducing car and truck traffic on the BQE will not only reduce pollution across our city and help us combat climate change, but will also make us a healthier city.

If this plan doesn’t move forward, the city will reroute traffic onto city streets. Isn’t that worse?

That is absolutely a false choice – and exactly the problem with the city’s plan. There’s no vision. No alternatives. We believe there is a better way – one that reduces traffic and cars on city streets while also investing in a clean-energy transportation network for the city’s next 100 years.

The DOT says this is the best of a bad situation. Isn’t that accurate?

No. The problem is the City DOT has considered neither innovative alternatives nor the impact of likely policies, such as congestion pricing, on highway use.

Does A Better Way have a better idea?  

A Better Way is an organized group of concerned local residents that pushed back against the city’s 2018 proposal. We are one of the founding members of the Coalition for the BQE Transformation, demanding transparency from NYCDOT, and urging the NYSDOT to come to the table. Both the city and state must work together to go back to the drawing board to find a better way.

A Better Way is not a city agency responsible for the city’s long-term transportation planning.

Are you planning to sue the city over this?

Our number one priority is to work with the city and find a better way to reduce traffic and pollution across the city. 

We are asking the city to collaborate with stakeholders, look at and seriously consider alternatives, and listen to the community.

The courts are always an option of last resort. We are prepared to use every tool to fight this to the end.