Get the facts

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade belongs to all New Yorkers

Millions of people — from New York City and around the world — visit the Brooklyn Heights Promenade every year. Its 1,825 fee of unparalleled views of Manhattan and New York Harbor have, in the words of The New York Times, “captivated generations of visitors and inspired tributes in films and TV shows.”

The DOT’s plan is extreme

The Department of Transportation wants to close the Brooklyn Heights Promenade for a minimum of 6 years, beginning as early as 2020, to build an elevated 6-lane roadway in its place. This elevated roadway is projected to carry more than 150,000 cars and trucks per day, mere feet from homes, businesses, and playgrounds.

The time and cost savings of the highway-on-the-Promenade approach are trivial

Time and cost estimates from the Department of Transportation are notoriously unreliable. But even taking the DOT’s estimates at face value, the savings from this incredibly disruptive plan in no way justify its cost in terms of noise, health, and business and neighborhood destruction.

The DOT can’t make any promises that the 6-lane highway would ever leave the Promenade

New York City cannot guarantee that this “temporary” roadway — once built — will ever be removed. Once an elevated roadway is moving 150,000+ cars and trucks per day, inertia favors it staying in place. A budget crisis, construction delays, or political complications could lead to it being left in place for 10, 20, 30 years… perhaps forever.

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